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I am entrepreneurial, business savvy, and creative. My work in human-centered, experiential design helped define modern human-centered innovation, influencing the rise of research-based ergonomic product design and architecture.
I am an award-winning, academically trained designer and product manager. 

// Education

Questrom School of Business, Boston University 

MMS, Digital Product Management 

Product Management with Lean, Agile, and
System Design Thinking
Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making
Platform Strategy for Business
Driving Digital Innovation through Experimentation

Curtin University Graduate School of Business 

MMS, Digital Marketing

Digital Branding and Engagement
Reputation Management in a Digital World
Buyer Behaviour and Analysis
Strategic Brand Management
Online Marketing Strategies

Avni Institute 

Bachelor of Arts - BA, Design and Visual Communications 

Visual literacy, advanced visual language through graphic design and photography, conceptual grasp of design and photography as an expressive and communicative medium, critical thinking, creative, and professional practice.

// Hobby +

Interior Design Projects 

Circular Economy 

With over 20 years of experience in a progression of roles that cover all aspects of product design and management, I have successfully crafted winning, profitable, user-centered products and services. 


I love exploring the intersection of data, technology, user experience, marketing, and brand equity.

Previously, I worked with the following clients: Motorola by Google, JPMorgan, Cole Haan, Walgreens, and VSA Partners, to name a few.
Before that, I worked as VP of Product for JPMorgan, Director of Product at West Monroe Partners, and managed the B2C eCommerce CXD department for W.W.Grainger, Walgreens, and Motorola by Google.

My innovation and creativity include established and emerging brands, products, and services in almost every industry imaginable. I am committed to designing business cultures that can withstand constant change as people collaboratively create the future.

Product Design, Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Brand Equity, Product Globalization, Product Personalization, UX/UI, Product and Market Research, Product Management, Product Strategy, Product Lifecycle Management, Digital Marketing, and Agile Practices.

Invite me to the next big thing

I have processes and sprints specifically designed to fit my client's requirements. I am positioned to work with large corporations, small businesses, and startups by fostering creativity and innovation everywhere I go.  

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