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Chepov & Scott, LLC is a diverse, multilingual law firm, serving Chicagoans for a quarter of the century. As a full-service firm, Chepov & Scott, LLC provides quality legal services at a reasonable cost. Every individual, family, or business is adequately represented under the protection of the law.

Product Design & Management 


Brand Identity
Creative Direction

Research & Usability Testing

User Experience Design


Search Engine Optimization

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Chepov & Scott, LLC

Law firm strategy reboot, rebrand, and new digital responsive web experience. 



For over quoter of the century CS Attorneys provide quality legal services at a reasonable cost so every individual in Illinois, family, or business can be adequately represented under the protection of the law.  


CS Attorneys translate stated commitments into measurable outcomes by creating and supporting ethnically diverse and gender equality team with a 50/50 ratio. 

Channel CS vision and values via new brand identity and experience design, create compelling narratives, and make complex information accessible. Craft clear communications that invite visitors to explore and take action.


Brand identity
The newly designed brand identity reflects the openness and support that the law firm has to offer.
Clean geometric typography represents the letters C and S, complemented by a sophisticated san serif all capital font to project straightforwardness and stability. 

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