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Grainger is a Fortune 500 industrial supply company with more than 3 million customers worldwide generates nearly 56% of its revenue via the eCommerce. 

Grainger has the country’s eleventh-largest e-commerce business, with online sales that total about $5 billion. 

The company competes on eCommerce innovation efforts with Amazon and Google with an impressive portfolio of patents and innovation efforts. 


Product Design & Management 

UX Strategy 

Creative Direction

Research & Usability Testing

User Experience Design

Intellectual Property Innovation 

case study

W W Grainger

Revolutionizing eCommerce with an innovative, predictive search, best in class curation and visual attributes through progressive disclosure.  

Starting with Strategy

The goal was to envision and design an experience that allows users to shop in an entirely new way to accelerate revenue growth. Improve the key areas of the brows, search, shop and buy channels. The work had to be done on an aggressive two-year redesign timeline. The team set out to create the responsive web experience for better performance and reliability including the build of a new Hybris platform. 


New search generation

Minimizes on brows reliance with the state of the art curation, visual attributes, and ability to shop straight from the search results. 


Digital experiences that include robust search, curation, and browse solutions received patent recognition for the invention in the system and method for facilitating product search within the electronic product catalog.


United States 13/834,023

Inventor: Irena Gelfand 


The following innovation provides an ability to shop online directly from search results by using progressive disclosure as an interaction design technique as well as visual attributes to help maintain the focus of a user's attention by reducing steps, confusion, and cognitive workload by improving usability and presenting only the minimum data required for the task at hand.


We delivered rich immersive experiences that boosted online sales in 2011 and 2012. The online channel accounted for nearly a third of total sales. It was a record year for online sales at W.W. Grainger Inc.


For the year ending 2012, Grainger, number 15 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, reported: web sales of $2.7 billion, a 23% increase compared with about $2.2 billion in 2011.


The revenue kips on going up and today Grainger has the country’s 11th largest e-commerce business, with online sales that total about $5 billion. 

Product Pages

During one of the usability research sessions, we were asked by a participant and a loyal customer to 'stop serving milkshake with the fries'. We listened and created a solution that has a robust algorithm for curation and now a way to buy required accessories related to the product without living the product page. 

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