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Motorola by Google is also known as Motorola Mobility under Google's ownership increased focus google android smartphone market and began developing a platform for modular smartphones and smartwatches with interchangeable components.

Product Design & Management 


Research & Usability Testing

User Experience Design

Creative Direction

case study

Motorola by Google

Moto 360 smartwatch, where fashion and state of the art design meet technology and experience. 


The goal was to support the launch of the first generation Moto 360 smartwatch by creating a state of an art pre-order eCommerce experience that digitally translates the beauty, luxury of materials, and fashion-forward nature of the watch while delivering on the smartwatch capabilities. 

eCommerce experience design & creative direction targets the launch of the first generation, Moto 360 with an exceptional storytelling parallax approach and an ability to pre-order, customize & personalize the watch.

Personalization & Customization
After creating a platform for modular smartphones and smartwatches with interchangeable components the goal was to translate that experience to eCommerce and allow the customers to design and customize the watch utilizing the colors, bands, and dials. Additional customization took place via eCommerce experience. However, the idea was to allow users to change the way their watch looks and feels by allowing further customization via the android app.

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