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Multidimensional mapping of business strategy

Look at the effect of a company's actions synergistically to examine a multidimensional mapping of business strategy and allied product strategy.

Thinking in systems is one of the core principles of product management and product design. When we think in systems, we see the connections between users, their behaviors, business goals, and ideas. We become less likely to be surprised by the negative consequences of poor planning. Instead, we begin to see how we can create opportunities to generate economic, environmental, and societal gains.

As a system thinker, what opportunities do you see as you look at the products and features we have? When you pilot, perhaps there is another cycle of enhancements to achieve the desired product.

Thomas Johnson has said what you measure is what you get, and what you don't measure or can't measure is lost.

What do you measure early and in the intermediate stages of a product development project to influence or shape the ultimate measures, such as profit or loss?

Contact me for the 1:1 coaching for multidimensional mapping of business strategy.

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