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Put your old bicycle to use. It is most definitely can have a second life.

The take-make-waste way of doing things is coming to an end. In a circular economy, we reuse, remanufacture, and recycle our products.

During one of my walks on the streets of Tel Aviv, I came across a very interesting store that catered eco-friendly goods. There it was! So tangible and original. A product design of a dog sculpture made out of bicycle parts.

Think in systems is one of the core principles of the product design as well as circular economy. When we think in systems we begin to see the connections between people, places, and ideas. We become less likely to be surprised by negative consequences of poor planning. Instead, we begin to see how we can create opportunities to generate economic, environmental and societal gains.

As a visual thinker, what opportunities do you see as you look at products that reach an end of life? Perhaps there is another cycle.



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