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Relax the constraint of space and time

In eCommerce, through technology, we can relax the constraint of time and space, and then we can scale the product at very, very low costs. It may sound like a Back to the Future film that features snickers with magic ability to take one through space and time. However, in today's world, we can do it with a hand full of eCommerce products and solutions.

A product that exists in time and space has a constraint of how many people can participate, and you have to show up at an appointed time. Musical concerts, movie theaters, classroom experiences are all things that used to happen at a certain time in a location with fixed capacity. Those things now can be potentially digitized, as we're experiencing together. And then at very, very low marginal cost, scaled out to a much larger audience.

The online learning experience is allowing us to relax constraints of time and space. Through online learning schools, we can accommodate for a lot of students by simply offering virtual classes and discussion boards, reaching to a wide range of people throughout the world. There's no longer a need for the customer to come to a physical place and enjoy that experience in a limited constraint capacity.

Time and space are no longer a constraint for both students and schools. By reaching the wider target audience and a lot of students, tuition is much more affordable and the quality of learning materials is as great as being physically in the class.

If you take away the constraint of time and space, you get an experience like we're having now where you could be reading this content and sharing it with your friends at 4 o'clock in the morning on your mobile phone.


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